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Pre Wedding Shoot at Santiago Bridal House in Miri

My Pre-wed shoot was in December 2012. Given that my wedding reception was on 19th January 2013, it was kinda rushed. But the Bridal House that I signed up with really came through for me. I signed up with Santiago Bridal House in Miri, Sarawak back in May 2012 (if I remember correctly). 

I actually wanted to sign up with Frozen In TIme Bridal House but then....oh well, its just not meant to be. I e-mailed Frozen in Time and the person in charge (whoever that was) replied saying that they have an exhibition in Boulevard Shopping Centre at a certain time and asked me to have a look there in person as they will be able to share more things with me. They did not give me the time that they will be closing. So end up, Bi and me reached there around 5pm on a Sunday. I was under the impression that Frozen In Time is the only Bridal House having an exhibition. But oh boy, was I wrong. It was a Bridal Exhibition, meaning that almost all the Bridal House in Miri was there!!!!! And their closing time was at 4pm on Sunday!!!!! Since we arrived late, most of the booths were busy packing and practically ignored us. We were feeling lost and silently berating ourselves for missing out on this great opportunity to compare apple to apple all the Bridal House in 1 location!

Just as we were losing out hope, a man approached us. His name is Alvin and asked if we are there to look for a pre wed package. First impression of this Alvin is that he has this 'kelian' look. So he brought us to his booth, which was Santiago Bridal Studio. He patiently showed us all the samples and the 2 different packages which was available during the exhibition. 

He was pressuring us to take up the package as he said the prices were only valid during the exhibition. But after looking at the samples, Bi and I had decided that we liked his style and decided to signed up but with a bit of apprehension. So we decided to take on the package of RM3888 with only RM200 as deposit. Coz we discussed and decided that if we were in anyway not happy with this Santiago, its only RM200. Its a small sum of money for which we can readily give up.

He added a few things for us, such as the bounded album so that the sides wont become dog-eared, more quantities of free photos (memento for friends and family), one additional designer gowns, etc.....I cant quite remember what else did he add for me coz it was about a year ago already (How time flies)

After we signed up with Santiago, we were feeling good, until a particular friend poured cold water on me. She told me that she heard some bad things about Santiago. Their famous makeup artist left and she has no idea who is their current MUA. And that their selection of gowns are quite horrible and old and not to mention out dated. And that no one ever goes to Santiago for their pre wed shoot. I was feeling quite dejected after hearing all these negative comments. I shared them with Bi and he told me to visit their Bridal House and have a look at their gowns then decide whether to actually look for other Bridal House. Well, I have some reservations about this 'fren' of mine coz she is notorious for putting ppl down.

To cut the story short, we decided to go ahead with Santiago as we saw the samples and we were happy with Alvin (who was the owner and photographer).

I read alot of comments online and brought along alot of my own props, even made some on my own after consulting some youtube videos (you just have to love youtube)

Without further a due, enjoy!

 I only have Bi in my eyes. (or rather in my sunglasses)

All props were all from me. I even ordered the bouquet from the florist myself. I did not want to use fake flowers and the bouquet is the same theme for my wedding reception, which is colourful!

The pre wedding shoot is very tiring, we were at it from 7:30am (me stating with makeup and Bi going for breakfast with Kelvin). It only ended at around 9:30pm! We were both so tired when it was over! But we were both very pleased with the end results. All of our friends and families liked it alot. They thought that it was taken overseas (technically Miri is considered to be overseas) like Taiwan. 

I was really glad that I had chosen Santiago Bridal House and Alvin as my photographer. I told him specifically on what are the type of photos that I wanted and the feelings that he had captured. Thank you Alvin!

The biggest prop was Subbie obviously, I had a picture of all the props that I had used for my pre wedding tucked away some place. Will look for it when I have the time. Thanks to Ning for the lovely cut out and Genie for the 'Getting Married' sash and not forgetting Laura for the lovely bubbles! Alot of people contributed to the personalized pre wedding photos and I cant thank them enough!

I think that I will blog about some tips in regards to pre wedding shoot soon.


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