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There have been so many instances where I came by my blog and I want to blog about so many things in my life. But there were also as many instances where I just gave up and kept my thoughts to myself.
I am 34 years old in 2017 and soon I will be another year older. I am getting more jaded every year because of the things that I have seen. I also feel aimless. I feel as if I am meant to do something more than this. I do not want to wake up and go to work Monday to Friday and so happy when its Friday and becoming depressed when its Sunday (coz the next day would be Monday)
It's not like I want to be a millionaire or something like that. Even though money is still important (Hey, I still gotta eat, cant very well grow my own food), it no longer hold the same position as compared to a few years ago. I do not care very much for status as well. Its all so fleeting.
After being married in 2013, I am still childless at the moment. Its not by design but I dun mind it all that much. If its…
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Bibineh passed away on 7th October 2016.
He was with me for 15 years. He was a gift from Bi when we first started dating.
Bibineh was not only a dog or a pet to me. He was part of my family. He loved me unconditionally. I felt guilty as he was living with my parents and not me. I was not there to accompany him all the time. I did not spend enough time with him. 
His days before he past away was really sad. In a way, I am glad that he is no longer suffering. He was blind, deaf and could no longer walk and instead, he was rolling around. He was also having seizures. I took him to the vet every weekend and I asked the vet if I should have him put down. The vet said, there is no need to put him down as he wont have long to live as well.
I tried my best to take care of him during his last days. I went back to visit him every weekend. My mom said that he doesn't want to eat anything when I am not there. But everytime I am back with him, he would try and roll to me. Even when he is blind and…

Time flies

Its been more than a year since I last post about anything.

I haven been very active in social media. But I do update sometimes in my Dayre and IG. But I keep my IG private. But my Dayre is open to all who might be interested in what my boring life is.

My Dayre.

Time is passing by so fast that one hardly realize what have been happening.

Is it the same for you as well?

I will make a proper post soon about something that happened to me recently.
I have started running and training again. This is I'm doing it on my own. I don't have a support group with me anymore so I will have to motivate myself and be more positive about it!

My plan is to train for a half marathon in Dec 2016 and a full marathon in March 2017. Ambitious I know considering my current condition (FAT! and UNFIT!)

What I am following is the program provided by my watch Polar. Its so cool!

Just a sample of what needs to be done. Since its been a long time since I last ran, I had selected Level 1 to start with.

It's definitely a plus to own a Polar watch!

After you by Jojo Moyes

After I read Me Before You by Jojo Moyes  a few years ago, I was waiting for the sequel. What would happen to Lou after Will left? What would her life be? If I am Lou, I will constantly ask myself 'Why am I not enough?'
'Is there anything that I could have done to change his mind?'
'Was it all just me? Just in my mind?'In this sequel, Lou was a wreck! But it's understandable though, she had just lost the love of her life. She has lost someone who had shown her the different aspects of life. Showed her that the life she have had is so unbelievably small. There is so much more to live for. Showed her how she could have made a difference! I couldn't put the book down and I finished it within 1 and a half day. It was strangely compelling. You will be rooting get for Lou all the way. Although there are times that you can't help but get angry with her! 'What was she thinking??????'There was a part in the book that addresses the length of time you …

January Happenings - Escape Adventure

Happy New Year to everyone! 2016 is finally here!

Wow my last post was back in July 2015. Something happened then and things quickly snowballed.

2015 was certainly eventful for me. I learn a lot of things and I have also learn to keep a lot of things to myself. 

Most recent happening event was that I went for Escape! It was very fun! I did it together with my friends and her brother. Managed to escaped in the end but we were 5 mins overdue. But hey, it was our first try and I am proud to say we solved everything! (with a lil help from the staff :P)

Have you tried it? I'll definitely go back for more!

Leg injuries and infections!

I fell and hurt my shin about a year ago. It happened when I was climbing those stairs on my way to work and somehow I kicked the steps and hit my right shin on the edge of those pebbled staircase. It hurt so bad at that time that I couldn't even straightened my leg. Tears was threatening to roll down my face, but when I saw my colleagues, I sucked all my tears back in and forced myself to continue walking to my office (which luckily wasn't very far)

This is how it looks like when I reached my cubicle.

Doesn't look too bad right? Just look like I scrapped it. I used Detol antiseptic cream and just moved on with my day. The worst is not here yet!!!!

This was at the height of my injury!

Looks so scary isn't it? The wounds was infected! I thought that it was a simple scrape! By chance, I was feeling really unwell a few days after I fell down and went to the doctor. The doctor took my temperature and told me that I was having a fever and he took a look at my leg and told me t…